the Instyler


Hello bloggers !

Thought you might be interested in this hair tool ! So ill share it ! Most of you would of see it on tv or the Internet but I’m crazy for it and want yous to all know about this amazing hair tool !

It’s called the Instyler like pretty much a straightener and curling iron in one ! And the most amazing hair straightener iv used to date ! It’s has the rotating iron so it won’t burn your hair like the normal straightener that wedges your hair between two flat irons ! I’m sure it still does damage but not as much and ever since buying the Instyler my hair has grown and is so much more healthy !!

It has 3 different heat settings 1 being the lowest and 3 being the hottest ! I have pretty thin hair so heat setting 2 does the trick for me !

My whole time iv owned straighteners iv always had the GHD or silver bullet there about $200-$300 price range but after buying the Instyler for only $116 it works just as good if not better !
The Instyler comes in 2 different sizes the more larger one or the smaller one, I do recommend the larger one as it gives nicer curls and straightens your hair much quicker.

The Instyler comes with a guard so you don’t burn your head while using it and trust me I burnt myself so many times without it, so as soon as you buy it clip that guard straight on it! Also has a instructional DVD on tips and directions.

I’m very skeptical when I see products on the television and never believe them, but one day eating my breakfast I saw the Instyler on a morning show, acouple of weeks later it come to stores (big W) so my boyfriend surprised me one day with it after knowing I wanted to buy it ! At first I hated it I couldn’t get the hang of it so I stopped using it, but after practicing I fell Inlove with using it !

hint – when I’m instyling my hair I use the flat side of the iron on the bottom and the rotating iron on top, I find that you can get closer to your scalp and more control that way.

If there’s anything I’d love my bloggers to buy it would be the Instyler !