Could not be anymore happy or excited at the moment !

Tonight my boyfriend proposed to me with this stunning 2carat diamond ring the perfect ring for me as I loveeee big bling diamond rings !! After being together for 2 and a half years this is definitely my favourite moment together !!

I’m looking forward to the future and just wanted to share my great news with yous all !

Enjoy your night I sure am 🙂 !

Brittany xx


To all my lovely followers <3


Hello followers & passers by !

I just want to say Thank you all for following me on my blog, and commenting,liking my posts ! Means so much to me that I have the support of you’s all and all your kind words! Specially knowing you’s enjoy reading my blogs, that makes me happy!

Throwing it out there so you’s all know on weekends I won’t be posting any blogs just on week days, so please keep your eye out for them !

I love your comments and feedback so keep them coming ! I’d like to talk to you all and interact more often, so don’t be shy to say hi !

Hopes you’s are having a amazing day and a great night and a good weekend !

Brittany xx