Favourite cheap summer buys!!


Hello !

Well today I woke up and it was and is so hot in Melbourne 39degrees and what better to blog about then my favourite summer buys for 2012-2013. Anyone that knows me knows I don’t buy crazy expensive beauty products ! I try to keep it more in a decent range for its money ! And now that summer is here in Australia I definitely want to share with you just a few of my favourite products that are really good for the price you pay ! ill also link the websites of each product so you can check them out!


What I have in this picture are the following products :

– Le Tan [instant bronze spray] I normally get the deep bronze colour but the store was out of stock.

– Le Tan [face tan -radiant glow]

– Schwarzkopf [live colour silver toner ] this is more for the blondes out there !

– CoverGirl [trublend minerals -bronzer]

– Ardell [ dura lash]

First off the Le Tan spray is my favourite of all favourite tans, me personally doesn’t tan very well in the sun, so a little help from a spray tan does the job! The 150gram can goes along away depending on how dark and how many layers you want to go! Iv tried a lot of tans and for the price of only $11.98 it’s my go to tan ! You can pick this product up in pretty much any beauty store or super market in Australia which is handy! Obviously if you buy the deep bronze you don’t need to do as many layers, on the back of the can it has tips and directions on how to use it properly, which I don’t think would be to hard to figure out ! I always always always exfoliate with a exfoliating glove before use and moisturize my whole body to get it a even non streak tan !

> The downfall of this product : when the tan starts to come off your body it kinda looks like you have a skin problem and doesn’t look very nice ! This tan only lasts for about a week!

Le Tan face tan. If your not one to tan your face and I know alot of girls don’t then Le Tan face tan is your new best friend! The bottle lasts forever iv had mine for about a year now and still have so much left ! If you have dry skin then I don’t think this ones for you! Always be sure to moisturize before use to prevent any streaks or dark patches. I picked mine up for $15.99 it has come down in price as I brought it when it first come out!

> The downfall of this product : not all skin types can use it and without a good moisturizer it won’t come out as smooth!

Secondly the Schwarzkopf live colour is a silver toner (for girls with blonde hair) is the best toner iv used for the amount you pay for it, it’s super cheap and does a good job getting rid of the yellow orange unwanted tones ! I always dye my hair ash blonde I love the silver grey look so when my hair starts to become brassy I chuck this in and looks good as new again ! It’s retailed at $4.69 if you have really long hair I do recommend getting 2-3 packets. It’s easy instructions and like most toners all you have to do is wash and only shampoo your hair then put this through your hair and leave it up to 45mins depending on how grey white you want the outcome to be.

> The downfall of this product : it only last for for 2 weeks then the toner washes out and your back to square one ! But only being $4.69 every 2 weeks should be affordable to up keep it !

CoverGirl trublend minerals, this is a bronzer ! It comes in 2 different shades I always go for the light shade when buying bronzers the shade I have is 440 natural bronze it also comes in a smaller tub but the one I have is 18grams and it goes a long way. I only ever apply it over my foundation and only on my check bones, the price I payed for it was $13.99 and is such a good product! I normally use to buy the maybelline bronzer but has do e the switch since using the trublend !

> The downfall of this product : I don’t really have one, but if applying with the wrong makeup brush it may not spread giving you that natural bronze look!

Lucky last is the dura lash. INLOVE with these lashes !! I picked my pack up from Priceline for $15.98and that was for the lash kit which came with tweezers, glue, and glue remover! Now these lashes are great because they last for that special night your going out to without any worry there going to fall off ! They look so real ! There the separate lashes so you have to apply them separately and can be a little time consuming compared to the row of lashes. But these look great ! & lasts in water can apply any mascara to them!

> The downfall of this product : they are very time consuming applying each lash separately and near impossible to do yourself, so always have a friend handy to help you! Also when taking them off the glue remover doesn’t do the best job ! So don’t sit there and try pick them off or else you’ll have a few of your own lashes missing !

As you can see all the products I love are all under $20 all last forever, they seriously last for ages and there really good for the price you pay ! Everyone has opinions on different products but for me and my personal use they do me just fine ! Try them out for yourself, you’ll either love them or hate them 🙂
the links are below for each product website



Dura Lash


Brittany xx


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