My tattoo



Here’s a picture of my recent tattoo

I got this tattoo about 4 months ago now in September 2012, it’s my first tattoo and being my first I wanted it to mean something special and close to me.

The quote

my mother my angel

: there’s no one in this world who can or ever could compare to my amazing mother!! My mum is my bestfriend she’s my rock, my angel, A soul mate can be anyone and mine is my mother! No words can describe the love I have for her, so what better way to show my love then to get a tattoo that represents her and our closeness.

Iv always loved tattoos specially meaningful ones, I think there a beautiful permanent reminder of things that we love and love to share!

Why the butterflies? I loveeee butterflies and when I decided I wanted to get a tattoo, I searched like crazy on the Internet to find something I like, butterflies are girly,pretty and represent freedom and when I saw the image I fell INLOVE !

My boyfriend offered to take me and pay as he has started his sleeve, and I loved the work the artist did on him. All up it took 1 and a half hours to do, time flew by though ! For the next 2 weeks I needed to make sure I kept bepathan on it constantly and that was annoying specially when I was trying to sleep !!

Everyone has different after care choices on what they do mine was pretty simple !

– every morning I would clean it with soap and tap dry
– apply bepathan on constantly for 2 weeks

That’s pretty much it.

I do plan on getting more, but only ones that have a purpose in my life, I’m not one for just any tattoo!

Brittany xx


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