hello everyone!! so iv made a new blog which is all about my journey throughout doing my hair dressing course ! And I’d love it if yous could go check it out and follow my new blog!!!! 






Could not be anymore happy or excited at the moment !

Tonight my boyfriend proposed to me with this stunning 2carat diamond ring the perfect ring for me as I loveeee big bling diamond rings !! After being together for 2 and a half years this is definitely my favourite moment together !!

I’m looking forward to the future and just wanted to share my great news with yous all !

Enjoy your night I sure am 🙂 !

Brittany xx

It’s been awhile

Hi everyone,

Iv been super busy these past couple of days as my boyfriend has been in hospital having hand surgery ! He cut his hand open and cut his tendons and nerves and main arterie, this happened Wednesday night around 11pm. I’m super tired as we waited in emergency untill 1.30am then had to be up to drive a hour away to another hospital at 5am on thursday and wait UNTILL his operation was called and that was 1.30pm, the time it was all done and we left the hospital was 7pm on Thursday! And now iv just been looking after him !

So ill get back on the blog wagon sometime next week!

Brittany xx


Best Banana Muffins

Best Banana Muffins!

So Delicious ! And so easy to make! After searching and making so many banana muffin recipes this is hands down the yummiest recipe! & you’ll have all the ingredients pretty much already!

Lets get started !

What you’ll need:

  • 3-4 Ripened bananas
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 2 table spoons of margarine or butter
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 2 cups of self raising flour
  • 2 table spoons of full cream milk
  • pinch of salt


( I recommend using butter over margarine as it gives it a more buttery fluffier taste)


  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees
  2. Beat egg and bananas together using a electric mixer on med speed



3. Add all the other ingredients into the beaten egg and banana. I always end up using more milk then 2 table spoons! If your mixture is dry and hard to mix keep adding milk untill it becomes more moist!



4. Mix well


5. Fill muffin tin with 3/4 full of mixture


( looks messy ! )

6. Cook for approximently 20 mins on 160 degrees untill risen and golden !




Brittany xx

valentines day nails !!!!


If you love the look of these nails then keep reading to learn how to do them yourself !


These nail designs are inspired by valentines day as its coming up I thought if share this design with you!

First what you’ll need is :


– red nail polish (my polish is BYS rebel red N29)
– silver glitter nail art lacquer ( BYS 011 silver glitter)
– black nail diamenties
– larger silver diamentie
– a wheel of nail decoration hearts ( silver)
– a dotting tool
– clear nail polish
– white nail lacquer

HINT- the love nail is for the ring finger only on both hands


-Start off by painting your nails red, really red so do a couple of coats.

– Once dry get your white nail lacquer and start in the corner of your nail sweeping in a upwards position while flicking towards the end, so you achieve the faded look

– Do 4 lines per nail, and do this to all but your ring fingers.

– Followed up by doing the same step but with the silver glitter nail lacquer.

– In the corner at the bottom of your nail where the lines join add a larger silver diamentie!

– Add clear coat of nail polish .

pretty simple !

NOW for the love nail !

– These should be done on the decorative fingers

– Using your dotting tool pick up the black diamenties and one by one start writing the letter L
– continue this with the rest of the letters OVE

– I decided to write love in capitals as it was easier to fit on the nail

– Add two little silver hearts one on top of the V and one on the bottom of the O

– finish off with clear nail polish !



and that’s it!
I love this design because its just so simple but pretty, and after all it is for valentines day !

Brittany xxx

My 21st party planning


My 21st birthday is coming up kinda well it’s 7 and a abit months away! BUT I couldn’t be more excited to start planning it ! Just saying I LOVE ORGANISING EVENTS and anyone close enough to me knows that!

My beautiful parents want to pay for it all, so I’m very appreciative of that ! I know 7 months seems awhile away but time flys these days, and the more time I have the better planning I can do! I want to keep updated blogs of my planning journey for yous all to see! And of course the closer it comes the more blogs will appear !

To give yous a rough idea:

Im hiring a marque table and chairs and having it in my backyard as its the perfect layout for it, i know it will be better to have it at a reception place but im not having a over the top 200+ people coming, only people that mean something to me and are close.
Earlier i did a rough guest list and there was about 45 people so not to many. I know 100% it will be fully pink and the best part of it all is my mum European and my dad is a wog and the food will be delicious as there cooking it all! Not to mention the chocolate fountain!

-The whole theme will of course be my favourite of favourite colour hot pink !
– With heaps of fairy lights
– Heaps of helium balloons
– Cupcakes
– Centre pieces
– And everything pink and girly you can imagine !

So keep a eye out for my party planning blogs !!

Brittany xx

get this nail design look



Hope everyone’s doing great! I want to share this nail art design I just did with you all.

So I did it in 3 colours pink,purple and blue!

What you’ll need is :


– the colour of your choice, the 3 colours I did was :
pink- isnt this lovely N501
Blue – Matte aqua N236
Purple – 05 light purple

– a dotting tool, or any tool that helps pick up the diamenties (tooth pick is great if you don’t have a dotting tool )
– glitter polish nail enamel (BYS – starlette N134)
– clear top coat nail polish
– nail decorations (stars)
– nail decoration colour diamentie wheel.

I buy all my nail decorations from eBay there super cheap $1-$3 at most and there so pretty, ill make a quick post on all the buyers I purchase them off

Steps :

Start off with a plain nail


Pick the nail colour of your choice and paint your nails


– after nail polish has dried apply the glitter polish to the bottom of your nail and sweep up onto the side


– apply 3 stars along the glitter polish { I did white stars on the blue nail, silver stars on the pink nail, pink stars on the purple nail}


– then apply the coloured diamenties near the moon of your nail curving down to meet the 2nd star.{the jewels should match the colour of your nails example : blue nail polish – blue diamenties}


– finish up with a clear top coat !






Brittany xx

To all my lovely followers <3


Hello followers & passers by !

I just want to say Thank you all for following me on my blog, and commenting,liking my posts ! Means so much to me that I have the support of you’s all and all your kind words! Specially knowing you’s enjoy reading my blogs, that makes me happy!

Throwing it out there so you’s all know on weekends I won’t be posting any blogs just on week days, so please keep your eye out for them !

I love your comments and feedback so keep them coming ! I’d like to talk to you all and interact more often, so don’t be shy to say hi !

Hopes you’s are having a amazing day and a great night and a good weekend !

Brittany xx

The Liebster Award



So today i jumped on my ipad to see iv been nominated for the Liebster award by . Iv never herd about this award before but what i do gather is its  an award given to up-an-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.

The rules are:

Share 11 facts about yourself.

Answer the awarder’s 11 questions.

Ask 11 questions of your own.

Nominate 11 bloggers.


11 facts about myself :

1- Iv never been drunk, or ever smoked a cigarette, or even ever touched drugs. Never have never will ! Although growing up around friends that drank and smoked all the time, iv never had temptations to involving myself with that sort of stuff.

2- I have a fear of trypophobia!!!! Pretty much is a phobia of clustered holes or holes in holes sort of thing ! I cant even write about it, gives me the creeps thinking about it !!

3- My dog cocoa is my life. His my bestfriend my heart ! His not just a pet dog his really more then that! Couldn’t imagine my life without him.

4- Im actually into gorey type stuff! & LOVE horror movies.

5- I am a REALITY show junkie!! My collection is huge ! I could watch them all day every day if i had the chance !

6-  Im a type 1 diabetic and have been for 7 years going on 8.

7- If i could only eat from one take out restaurant, it would definitely being Mc Donalds ! Im 100% addicted to there chocolate frapes ! 😉

8-  Iv only ever kissed one boy! And that happens to be my boyfriend of 2 years who i still am with to this day ♥

9-  Im not very independent, as in i dont like going places or doing things by myself i feel much more comfortable when someones with me.

10-  Id much rather be having a night in at home hanging with my mum, then going out clubbing with friends.  I hate going to clubs !!

11- I own all the sims games on PC ! and sometimes have days where i non stop play them!


Awarders 11 questions for me

My 11 Questions!!

1. Have you ever played naked Twister?

2.Before you started this questionnaire, what were you doing?

3.Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?

4.Do you believe in love at first sight?

5. If you could travel any where in the world, where would it be?

6.Are you a morning person or a night owl?

7. Did you make any New Years Resolutions?

8.If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

9.What was some good advice that you did not follow?

10. Lipstick or Lipgloss?

11.What is something unusual you like to eat?


1- No i have not ever played twister naked, only ever with my clothes fully on! Although that might be interesting!

2- Actually just got home and chucked some comfy clothes on and was watching the oc.

3-  A jewellery store !! Who wouldn’t ! i loveeeee jewellery so much, its beautiful classy and meaningful, specially if its brought as a gift by someone close to you.

4-  No i don’t believe in love at first sight. I believe there could be a strong attraction and feelings wanting to know that person more. But looking at someone and saying Yes i love them straight away is a little unrealistic to me.

5- Somewhere beautiful and remote a gorgeous island somewhere like Bora Bora

6-  Im most diffidently a night owl !! Im only a morning person if its a beautiful summer day! I come so alive at night. My brain goes into over drive

7- No i didnt actually , i never have. I dont see why it has to be a new year for you to do something you really wanted! If you want it so badly start today not because its a new year 🙂

8- My hair, i wish it was dead straight not curly so i wouldn’t have to straighten it so much!

9-  In year 12 i wish i would of did a bit better get better grades,  i mean i passed and didn’t do that bad but i wish i would of concentrated more in school and did more homework and study more often, it was only one year of hard work.

10- Lip gloss hands down. Lipstick doesn’t suit me so much! So a nice clear glitter gloss or pink tinge is nice.

11- My dads Turkish, so i love when he fry’s haloumi cheese and water melon! yum!


My 11 questions

1- You could be doing anything right now, what would it be?

2- If you could have any career what would you choose?

3-  You can only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would you watch?

4- If you could pick to either be a male or female knowing what you know, which gender would you pick?

5- You have the power to freeze at any age, what age would you want it to freeze on and why?

6- Whos your celebrity crush?

7- Whats your favourite shop?

8- Whats the best advice you have ever received ?

9- Have you done something in your life you regret so much?

10- If you could tell someone ONE thing right now, what would you say?

11- Whats the funniest thing that’s happened to you ?


11 nominated blogs










Blue glitter diamond nail design


Hope everyone’s doing great ! I’m excited to share this nail design with yous all ! Now my camera quality isn’t the best but you get the point ! So here’s what they look like !


They do look much nicer in person ! If your interested in how I done this look keep reading and ill let yous know !

– firstly here’s a picture of all the equipment that you’ll need to achieve this look


– freshly done acrylic nails with light blue nail tips

– a little tub of white glitter


– clear nail polish

– some nail glue

– the smallest nail dotter

– OPI to nourish your cuticles

– a fan brush to clear any unwanted glitter

– diamantes

– white nail lacquer

note you can do this design with any nail colour



After freshly doing your nails (tip colour of your choice) apply a light layer of clear nail polish to the tips of your nails only.

After doing so dip the tip of your nail into the little tub of glitter making sure you cover the tip fully with glitter if glitter gets on your nail bed use the fan brush to gently sweep it off.

Apply a medium thick line of white nail lacquer to the smiley of your nail the bend

Grab your dotting tool apply a tiny amount of clear nail polish to the end of it helps pick up the Diamenties and apply the Diamentie to the centre of your nail bend.

Continue to do this to each nail UNTILL fully done.

While your nails are drying apply a minimal amount of nail glue to just the diamentie they will never come off that way

After all that is complete top your nails off with clear nail polish, being generous with it.

And that’s it ! So simple and looks so pretty ! I’m not sure what size the diamenties are they don’t have any information on them but there the more larger ones.

Try this design out let me know how it goes for you, like I said any colour nails will go for example if you have pink nail tips then use pink glitter always silver diamenties though they go with everything, even better if you have white tips then any glitter colour will match perfectly !




Brittany xx

the Instyler


Hello bloggers !

Thought you might be interested in this hair tool ! So ill share it ! Most of you would of see it on tv or the Internet but I’m crazy for it and want yous to all know about this amazing hair tool !

It’s called the Instyler like pretty much a straightener and curling iron in one ! And the most amazing hair straightener iv used to date ! It’s has the rotating iron so it won’t burn your hair like the normal straightener that wedges your hair between two flat irons ! I’m sure it still does damage but not as much and ever since buying the Instyler my hair has grown and is so much more healthy !!

It has 3 different heat settings 1 being the lowest and 3 being the hottest ! I have pretty thin hair so heat setting 2 does the trick for me !

My whole time iv owned straighteners iv always had the GHD or silver bullet there about $200-$300 price range but after buying the Instyler for only $116 it works just as good if not better !
The Instyler comes in 2 different sizes the more larger one or the smaller one, I do recommend the larger one as it gives nicer curls and straightens your hair much quicker.

The Instyler comes with a guard so you don’t burn your head while using it and trust me I burnt myself so many times without it, so as soon as you buy it clip that guard straight on it! Also has a instructional DVD on tips and directions.

I’m very skeptical when I see products on the television and never believe them, but one day eating my breakfast I saw the Instyler on a morning show, acouple of weeks later it come to stores (big W) so my boyfriend surprised me one day with it after knowing I wanted to buy it ! At first I hated it I couldn’t get the hang of it so I stopped using it, but after practicing I fell Inlove with using it !

hint – when I’m instyling my hair I use the flat side of the iron on the bottom and the rotating iron on top, I find that you can get closer to your scalp and more control that way.

If there’s anything I’d love my bloggers to buy it would be the Instyler !


Favourite cheap summer buys!!


Hello !

Well today I woke up and it was and is so hot in Melbourne 39degrees and what better to blog about then my favourite summer buys for 2012-2013. Anyone that knows me knows I don’t buy crazy expensive beauty products ! I try to keep it more in a decent range for its money ! And now that summer is here in Australia I definitely want to share with you just a few of my favourite products that are really good for the price you pay ! ill also link the websites of each product so you can check them out!


What I have in this picture are the following products :

– Le Tan [instant bronze spray] I normally get the deep bronze colour but the store was out of stock.

– Le Tan [face tan -radiant glow]

– Schwarzkopf [live colour silver toner ] this is more for the blondes out there !

– CoverGirl [trublend minerals -bronzer]

– Ardell [ dura lash]

First off the Le Tan spray is my favourite of all favourite tans, me personally doesn’t tan very well in the sun, so a little help from a spray tan does the job! The 150gram can goes along away depending on how dark and how many layers you want to go! Iv tried a lot of tans and for the price of only $11.98 it’s my go to tan ! You can pick this product up in pretty much any beauty store or super market in Australia which is handy! Obviously if you buy the deep bronze you don’t need to do as many layers, on the back of the can it has tips and directions on how to use it properly, which I don’t think would be to hard to figure out ! I always always always exfoliate with a exfoliating glove before use and moisturize my whole body to get it a even non streak tan !

> The downfall of this product : when the tan starts to come off your body it kinda looks like you have a skin problem and doesn’t look very nice ! This tan only lasts for about a week!

Le Tan face tan. If your not one to tan your face and I know alot of girls don’t then Le Tan face tan is your new best friend! The bottle lasts forever iv had mine for about a year now and still have so much left ! If you have dry skin then I don’t think this ones for you! Always be sure to moisturize before use to prevent any streaks or dark patches. I picked mine up for $15.99 it has come down in price as I brought it when it first come out!

> The downfall of this product : not all skin types can use it and without a good moisturizer it won’t come out as smooth!

Secondly the Schwarzkopf live colour is a silver toner (for girls with blonde hair) is the best toner iv used for the amount you pay for it, it’s super cheap and does a good job getting rid of the yellow orange unwanted tones ! I always dye my hair ash blonde I love the silver grey look so when my hair starts to become brassy I chuck this in and looks good as new again ! It’s retailed at $4.69 if you have really long hair I do recommend getting 2-3 packets. It’s easy instructions and like most toners all you have to do is wash and only shampoo your hair then put this through your hair and leave it up to 45mins depending on how grey white you want the outcome to be.

> The downfall of this product : it only last for for 2 weeks then the toner washes out and your back to square one ! But only being $4.69 every 2 weeks should be affordable to up keep it !

CoverGirl trublend minerals, this is a bronzer ! It comes in 2 different shades I always go for the light shade when buying bronzers the shade I have is 440 natural bronze it also comes in a smaller tub but the one I have is 18grams and it goes a long way. I only ever apply it over my foundation and only on my check bones, the price I payed for it was $13.99 and is such a good product! I normally use to buy the maybelline bronzer but has do e the switch since using the trublend !

> The downfall of this product : I don’t really have one, but if applying with the wrong makeup brush it may not spread giving you that natural bronze look!

Lucky last is the dura lash. INLOVE with these lashes !! I picked my pack up from Priceline for $15.98and that was for the lash kit which came with tweezers, glue, and glue remover! Now these lashes are great because they last for that special night your going out to without any worry there going to fall off ! They look so real ! There the separate lashes so you have to apply them separately and can be a little time consuming compared to the row of lashes. But these look great ! & lasts in water can apply any mascara to them!

> The downfall of this product : they are very time consuming applying each lash separately and near impossible to do yourself, so always have a friend handy to help you! Also when taking them off the glue remover doesn’t do the best job ! So don’t sit there and try pick them off or else you’ll have a few of your own lashes missing !

As you can see all the products I love are all under $20 all last forever, they seriously last for ages and there really good for the price you pay ! Everyone has opinions on different products but for me and my personal use they do me just fine ! Try them out for yourself, you’ll either love them or hate them 🙂
the links are below for each product website



Dura Lash


Brittany xx

Redecorating my bedroom


So recently my boyfriend and I decided to do a big makeover on my bedroom !
As he pretty much lives at my house my old pink room was just to we’ll PINK for him!! And I grew out of it, I wish I had pictures to show you, I’ll have a look on my laptop later and reblog if I do ! But anyway we went down to bunnings warehouse and decided on a colour, I’m such a huge fan of white and purple (even though pink always has and always will be my favorite colour ) so we got the paint mixed and I went for a more dark deep purple, so when I accessorize with the colour white it will really stand out.

About 5 years ago I kicked my parents out of the master bedroom (not really they never used the bathroom in there room and knew I would have more use for it so they gave it to me I was 15 years old and had my bedroom sooo pink and girly ! And now I thought it was time for a major update now 5 years later , so my boyfriend and I spent the whole day painting my room and bathroom ! It took forever to dry !! But I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of it ! I went shopping the next day to buy little accessories to decorate and pretty much got rid of all my old stuff ! My parents brought a new bed so they gave me there old bed frame and I painted it vintage white and come up really good !

My bathroom still is in process of getting redone, it’s painted but does need new white tiles to be installed ! So I won’t post a picture of it just yet !

Anyway here’s my bedroom still not completed want to add more little things here and there .


Brittany xx

Acrylic nails



Hi all,
So today I decided to do my acrylic nails and I decided on blue tips! I absolutely love doing acrylic nails, iv only being doing them for about 2 and half years now !

Here’s only a quarter of what I have :
(When I first started doing nails )


I’m always asked what I think the essentials are to doing nails..

> first off I think having great quality nail supply’s is most important, if you have cheap products it really shows.

> a good High powered nail drill with different settings to customize which speed is best, also good nail filers ones that arnt to harsh or to soft, this applies for buffers aswell ! Acrylic nails are all about the drilling and filing so anything that goes in that category I think should be high quality!

> The right size acrylic or gel nail brushes, trust me having a nail brush that’s to large for someone’s nail or to small doesn’t cut it like the correct sizing in a brush.

> DO not get cheap powders or liquid ! The better the products you buy the better the quality nails will be!

> also a thick clear UV nail polish to finish the nails off!

I do get all my supply’s from over seas but there great quality and haven’t had a problem just yet with any products !

I’m in the process of learning 3D nail art, as its becoming very popular, it’s very tricky to get the hang on but practice makes perfect

This is a picture with what 3D nail art looks like :
(Mine definitely don’t look like that just yet lol)


I’m not a big fan on the whole 3D look I would think the nails would get caught on a lot of things ! but everyone’s different .

I have herd about the big debate of round or square nails going around ! Like I said before everyone’s different and everyone has different styles and opinions , most of the people I do nails for have square, square nails have been the in thing for so long, but round nails look like there coming on top lately ! I like the square shape but who knows I might be converted soon 🙂 !

I have herd the horror story’s about nail infections aswell, I always wash my products that I can after using on each person, and never reuse my nail filers to much ! I soak my brushes after every use for half n hour and wash my nail towl atleast 2-3 times a week, I HAVNT had any problems so far! Hygiene in nails is important !!!

Anyway thanks for reading !

Brittany xx